This isn't a good look. A man was arrested in Mankato last weekend and the reason why is as ironic as it gets.

The story was shared by the Minnesota State Patrol on their Facebook page over the weekend. According to their post, a man in the area was arrested after he showed up to a local jail there with a blood alcohol level of .10 percent. He was there to pick up his friend, who was in jail for a DWI.

Obviously, there are many things wrong with this story and while it is ironic, driving while intoxicated is never funny. The Minnesota State Patrol shared the story in an effort to raise awareness and keep this from happening in the future. Following the story, they shared this helpful tip: "Stay out of jail in the first place. Line up a sober ride before you go out drinking."

Well said. Not too long ago, a man ran into a St. Louis County Sheriff while drunk driving. With Uber and Lyft services, it's easier than ever to call for a sober ride home. Let's make this a thing of the past.

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