Weather definitely was an issue this weekend for the Minnesota Fishing Opener.  But we made plans to go, set time aside, and bargained with our wives to let us go for a weekend.  So we went anyway, and here's how it went.

We started off with snow on the ground opener morning and 29 degrees when we first got to the lake.  It didn't get much better as the day went on.


We didn't last much longer on that first day.   The DNR approached us at the boat landing and asked how we did.  I told him we caught 1 Northern that was in the slot, and now we're heading out.   He asked what we were doing next.  DRINKING!  He said that was a good plan.

The next day was pretty rough but we did manage to get on the walleye for a few short minutes until the bite quit.


After a while we tucked into a bay to get out of the wind and trolled with some Rapalas when my buddy Nate thought he snagged a log.  Nope, it was this huge muskie!  It made 3 circles around the boat before we could get him in.  We snapped a quick photo and threw him back to presumably eat a swimmers foot or something.  That's a monster.


We went out again the next morning for just a few hours before we needed to head back.  The weather forecast said 0% chance of rain.  Technically they were right, because it wasn't rain.


All in all the weather really sucked.  But we didn't get skunked completely, and we made some good memories!