Have you heard of Mitchell Tenpenny? Until his recent single 'Drunk Me,' I was unaware of this hidden talent in country music. I really think this guy is someone to watch, because not is his music something that is contemporary, but he's also got a lot of talent.

He can play guitar, he can sing, and he's got a bit of flare as well.  Check out his latest song that is climbing the charts, 'Drunk Me.'


Ok, so be warned about the next song. There is a reason it wasn't played on the radio last year, but it has become a pretty big hit on it's own.  It's called 'Bitches,' and it has over 570,000 views.


He's got a soulful voice, good stage presence and a sense of charm that pops out. I'm sure this guy will be a star, and I hope he will be coming to Duluth some point in the near future!


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