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Miranda Lambert Opens Up About Quarantine Depression

Miranda Lambert opened up about some of the struggles with anxiety that she's facing while in quarantine. She says that, aside from being stuck at home, her anxiety about the state of the world is destroying her—something many can relate to.

See her full message, below:

Kobe Bryant's New Book Is Out!

Kobe Bryant's new book came this week. Called Season One, the follow-up to Bryant's New York Times best-selling book The Wizenard Series: Training Camp, the story focuses on a boy name Reggie who dreams of becoming a basketball superstar.

Check out Vanessa Bryant's tribute to her late husband on Instagram.

April Fool's Is Canceled

Yes, it's April 1, but I think we all can agree that April Fools is canceled this year. In fact,  Google, which is basically the poster child for April Fools jokes, said that they canceled all its pranks this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Because of all the misinformation swirling around online about COVID-19, now is not the time to confuse people even more. Yes, it's important to laugh and keep good spirits in dark time like this, but this is just a reminder not to be tone deaf.

Jim Carrey Starts #LetsGrowTogether

Jim Carrey has a new challenge for everyone: to conquer the "uncutting edge." The actor says he's going to grow out his beard and document it on social media until life goes back to normal. A lot of other people tapped in and agreed to join. Even actress Maisie Williams said she'll stop shaving her armpits! (via People)

Elon Musk Is Donating New Ventilators

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is sending extra ventilators to hospitals in need amid the global health crisis. His company already donated 1,255 ventilators to California hospitals, and on March 31 he tweeted that they have extra FDA-approved ventilators ready to ship to hospitals worldwide within Tesla delivery regions. (via JustJared)

Jack Black Joins TikTok

Jack Black has officially joined TikTok, and his very first video is just what we need to make it through the pandemic. Watch below:

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