Minnesota was just named one of the least haunted states in the country but the study may be wrong, especially after learning about this spot!

A list put out by Thrillist this month lists the most haunted place - supposedly - that every state has to offer. I was really intrigued to see what Minnesota's would be. So what is it? Apparently, the Wabasha Street Caves are the place to head if you want to get spooked!

The Wabasha Street Caves are located in St. Paul at 215 Wabasha Street South. What makes it so haunted? According to the website, this spot used to be an underground speakeasy in the 30s. It is supposedly haunted by the ghosts of three gangsters who were murdered on the grounds.

If you want to see the haunted spot in person, you can! In fact, they offer tours. You do have to make a reservation ahead of time but you can do so year round so it shouldn't be a problem.

How awesome!! There is another supposedly haunted location a bit closer to Duluth if you want to shave an hour off the drive.

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