Fun is all in the eye of the beholder.

Online credit site WalletHub compared each state using 26 different factors. Said factors vary from movie costs to casinos per capita to easy accessibility of national parks. .

California snagged the top spot, coming in as the "most fun" state this year. It is no surprise that New York ranked second. Florida, Illinois and Washington round out the top 5.

Minnesota made the top 10 with Wisconsin coming in 15th. These are pretty good ratings compared to the rest of the country.

Minnesota is artsy! The state has one of the highest concentrations of performing arts theaters per capita. The Land Of 10,000 Lakes also has one of the highest varieties of arts, entertainment and recreation establishments in the country. The state didn't rank in the bottom of any list.

Wisconsin is one of the best states for goflers: they have the most golf courses and country clubs per capita. They would fare better on the list if they had better access to national parks.

There were a lot of other interesting findings:

  • California and Florida have the most restaurants per capita while states like Wyoming and North Dakota have the least.
  • California and New York have the most movie theaters while Alaska and Hawaii have some of the fewest.
  • Hawaii needs more fitness centers, as they have the least.
  • West Virginia is the "least fun" state in the entire country.
  • Vermont has more skiing facilities than any other state.

See where each state ranked below, courtesy of WalletHub.Com:

Source: WalletHub

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