"Get outside and move around"!  That common bit of advice is central to the thought process behind an annual event held in Minnesota every spring.

May 4, 2022 is Walk and Bike To School Day in Minnesota.  Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has issued a proclamation and the events surrounding the day are sponsored by Minnesota Safe Routes To School  - the organization that "encourages students and parents to practice safe biking and walking activities".

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Minnesota Department of Transportation Safe Routes To School Coordinator Dave Cowan explains the connection between walking, biking, and overall growth:

"We know students do better in school when they add physical activities to their day.  This event promotes safe bicycling and walking skills that students can use throughout their lives."

Individual schools throughout the state are encouraged to take part - either by joining in and utilizing just the statewide focus or by scheduling local, individual events.  According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, more than 117 Minnesota schools have registered Bike To School events so far.

At the end of the day, the aim of the event is to help make biking and walking more visible, fun, and rewarding for children, parents, teachers, and everyone.  Organizers hope that the day-long event will encourage positive behaviors and help to make biking, walking, and other physical activities a lifelong habit.

Minnesota Safe Routes To School is a collective program, partnering national, state, and local organizations and agencies to provide the resources needed to support walking and biking to school.  Their website includes a wealth of information on how you can get involved both on the individual and at the school level.

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