Did you see last Sunday's game? I almost didn't even turn on the Vikings VS Falcons game because Kirk Cousins wasn't going to be playing. With a rough start to the season, I have to admit I thought Cousins snapping his Achilles was the final dagger. One half of football later, I'm once again optimistic.

Joshua Dobbs came to Minnesota last week. In just a matter of days, he found himself leading the Vikings to a dramatic win over the Falcons in Atlanta.

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He didn't even know his fellow players' names. He wasn't expected to play, backup Hall was the starter but quickly left after a hit to the head.

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Josh Dobbs took over, and after a little bit of a rough start, found his groove and did one of the most remarkable things in football. He led an offense he knew almost nothing about to win.

Coach Kevin O'Connell said it was one of the most impressive things he's seen a quarterback do in the NFL, as he was translating plays mid-huddle to the backup QB.

Nasa Glenn Research Center Twitter
Nasa Glenn Research Center Twitter

That's something only a rocket scientist could do, right? He could think that fast, visualize the plays, and put it all together with supercomputer processing speed.

It turns out Dobbs actually is a rocket scientist. Seriously, he studied aerospace engineering at got a 4.0 GPA at the University of Tennessee.

Dobbs now has a new nickname: "The Passtronaut." I can't think of anything better. He's going to be the starting quarterback this week versus the New Orleans Saints. We'll see if he can have another successful launch. It's hard not to be optimistic with the vibes from last Sunday.

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