Minnesotans aren't slowing down on area roads amid COVID-19.

In mid-April, the Minnesota State Patrol issued a warning to motorists, stating they had seen an uptick in speeding amid the pandemic. It looks like speeding is still an issue.

The Minnesota State Patrol shared some sobering statistics on their Facebook page Tuesday (May 26th) in regards to the issue, writing the following:

Troopers cited 232 drivers for going more than 100 mph on Minnesota roads between April 1 and May 21. That compares with 93 during the same time last year -- a 149 percent increase.

Wow! That is indeed a huge increase in speeding. Many drivers have been taking advantage of open roads and less traffic due to the pandemic.

Shortly after issuing the first warning in April, the Minnesota State Patrol had to issue yet another one, asking motorists to simply slow down and stating that they had been pulling over several people on roads going over 100 MPH. They also stated at that time that this was happening all over the state and not just in bigger cities.

Obviously, just because there is a pandemic does not mean you can speed. Slow down so you can stay safe and avoid injuring others or yourself.

Earlier this month, a driver was cited for speeding two times in one day. As if that wasn't crazy enough, the motorist was pulled over in two different states: Minnesota and Wisconsin! In both instances, the driver was going close to 100 MPH in zones where this was not permitted.

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