Minnesota Governor Tim Walz is a firm believer that providing full disclosure with residents will help keep people committed to his stay-at-home order and slow the spread of COVID-19.

On Friday, April 3, the Minnesota Department of Health reported that COVID-19 cases increased by 47, from 742 to 789 and the number of deaths within the state increased by four.  The numbers are climbing by the day.

According to StarTribune.com, Gov. Walz says these stats are important to know as people need to stay-at-home and take all precautions to delay the spread of COVID-19 so that enough supplies can be provided to hospitals:

“A lot of folks are not putting out this information, because they are afraid it will create a sense of panic,” Walz said in a 23-minute live video address on Friday afternoon. “You can see on here, we need more of these things. We need to continue to get them, we need them produced, we need the supply chain to work.”

The website, which is updated as new information arrives, is very well laid out.  You can see the total number of confirmed cases, a breakdown of cases by county, COVID-19 related deaths, the number of people who have recovered, prevention tips, what you should do if you feel sick, and a lot more.

Follow the link below to access this vital information.

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