Minnesota Power is warning state residents of a scary scam that may have you face to face with a scammer!

Minnesota Power officials shared the news of this new scam on their Facebook page Monday (June 21st). According to their post, scammers are going door to door posing as Minnesota Power employees.

The scam works like so many others, but this time you are face to face with a scammer who you will probably never see again, should it get that far. Minnesota Power says that these scammers show up at your door after offering and promising to give you a "no money down, no cost energy solution." They say this energy solution will save you money.

Prior to showing up at your door, scammers will reach out to you first and say they are from Minnesota Power. They may also say they are from Xcel Energy. After giving you a convincing speech, they offer to come to your house.

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Minnesota Power shares that this is a scam, writing that at this time they don't "have any partners authorized to represent us in solar project developments." It may be hard to know what a certain company is working on at any given time but should you get a phone call offering a free analysis, or a house visit, hang up and do some research to make sure it is legitimate.

If you are someone who gets a call from a scammer, do not give in or give any of your information away. Minnesota Power officials ask you to hang up on the scammer and report it at the number listed above.

This scam would be easy to fall for, as Minnesota Power does have solar initiatives and programs. It would also be easy to fall for because it seems legitimate and someone who isn't up to date with solar initiatives may not know that it's fake. I know I wouldn't know any better!

Another scam was reported in a Minnesota County recently. This time, scammers pose as Amazon employees, reaching out to claim that there are fraudulent charges on your account. Of course, this is just a means for a scammer to get your banking information.

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