The Land of 10,000 Lakes may be on to something. According to a newly-released study by, Minnesota is the least stressed state in the entire country.

The site took in several different factors to figure out which states were stressed and which weren't. Researchers looked at things like hours worked each week to time spent commuting to work to job security, among other factors.

The findings?

  • Minnesota is doing pretty well! The state has one of the lowest percentages when it comes to adults in poor health, along with Vermont and Utah.
  • Minnesotans have the highest credit score and one of the lowest percentages with the population living below the poverty line.
  • Minnesota has one of the lowest divorce rates while the District of Columbia has the highest.
  • Minnesota has some of the highest number of psychologists living in the state per Capita.

Wisconsin isn't doing too shabby either! While they didn't make the cut in the top 5 or the bottom 5 in any of the findings, they aren't that stressed. The Badger State placed #46 on the list, meaning they are one of the least stressed states there is.

Other findings?

  • Alaska, Wyoming and Texas were among the states whose residents worked the most hours each week. Oregon, Rhode Island and Utah worked the fewest.
  • Residents in Hawaii, Kentucky and Ohio don't get much sleep but those in North and South Dakota sure do.
  • Colorado residents have it good: they have the highest job security in the country. Wyoming has the lowest.
  • Hawaii, the District of Columbia and California have some of the least affordable housing in the country while Iowa has the most affordable.
  • Alabama could use a few more psychologists, as they have the fewest per Capita.

Take a closer look at the findings below.

Source: WalletHub

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