We will gladly take this title! Minnesota was just named one of the least sinful states.

WalletHub conducted a study recently, listing each and every state in order of most sinful to the least. To get the results, they looked at factors like violent crimes per capita, thefts per capita, excessive drinking, exercise statistics and more.

Minnesota is doing something right: we were ranked as the 42nd most sinful state, which pretty much means barely sin at all compared to the rest of the country.

Wisconsin didn't fare as well as Minnesota, being named the 35th most sinful state in America.

As for the most sinful state? Nevada. This shouldn't come as a huge shock, as the state is partially known for gambling and drinking thanks to Las Vegas. Texas, Florida, California and Georgia round out the top five.

Joining Minnesota near the bottom of the list is New Hampshire, Maine, Idaho and Wyoming with Vermont being named the least sinful state of all.

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