You could also say we are some of the least competitive! A new study was done recently, ranking states from the most competitive to the least. The study was done by an online gaming site late last month.

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To craft their list, they surveyed two-thousand Americans about the ways in which they are or are not competitive in their everyday lives. This includes things like how they drive, how serious they take their recreational activities, and more.

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It might be the whole 'Minnesota nice' thing but it looks like we just aren't all that competitive! Is it because we are used to being let down by our sports teams so we don't get our hopes up about playing other teams? Just kidding!

How Competitive Are Minnesotans?

Minnesotans are the third most laid-back in the country, if you take this study into consideration! I think we are just used to a slower way of life than those in other states like California or New York, right?

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What About Wisconsin Residents?

Wisconsin isn't too far off. They came in at number eighteen in a list of the most laid-back states. The same could be said for the Cheesehead State. It looks like we just like to have fun and don't take things too seriously around this region.

Where Do Minnesota + Wisconsin Shine?

When it comes to most competitive workplaces, both Minnesota and Wisconsin came in near the bottom of the list. Minnesota came in second to last, with Wisconsin falling into the second half of the list, meaning Wisconsinites also aren't that competitive at work, either.

When it comes to driving with the pedal to the metal, things change a bit! Wisconsin has some of the most competitive drivers in the country, while Minnesota once again fell near the bottom of the list.

Things get flipped a bit when it comes to health and fitness. Minnesota is almost in the top ten when it comes to health and fitness, while Wisconsin can be found near the bottom. There is a lot to this survey so make sure to read the full thing if you are into that kind of thing!

Which States Are The Most + Least Competitive, Aside From MN + WI?

As for the most competitive states in the country, those are as follows: New Jersey, Virginia, Connecticut, Iowa and Nebraska. Those are some very random findings. I thought for sure New York and California would take the top two spots.

As for the most laid back, that list includes Minnesota, along with New Mexico, Kansas, Mississippi and Georgia. It should be noted that some states did not get ranked in the study because not enough people in those areas responded to the survey.

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