There was a couple of scary moments during Governor Mark Datyton's  State of the State Address last evening. Not only did the Governor stumble to the podium, his speech slurred before he collapsed.

According to, a statement from Gov. Dayton's office says the governor "briefly fainted" during a speech Monday night and that he'll be back at work Tuesday.

It certainly looked serious, however reports said that he recovered quickly and walked out of the Capitol to return home.  I was surprised they didn't make him go to the hospital to be checked out.  Instead, emergency medical technicians did a routine check at his home.

Soon after his son tweeted that he was doing great and that he was working on a rather difficult puzzle with his grandson.   He is expected to present his proposed budget today as planned.

Thank goodness it wasn't more serious!  Out of concern for Gov. Dayton, I hope he considers a check-up with his personal Doctor soon, there's always a reason why something like that happens and it's best to get checked out.  Best wishes, Gov Dayton!

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