Minnesota drivers, we have some work to do. According to car insurance comparison site Quote Wizard, Minnesota drivers are some of the worst in the entire country.

According to the report, Minnesota has the second worst drivers in America, topped only by California. The data shows that drivers in the Land Of 10,000 Lakes had more car accidents, speeding ticket and citations given this year than any other year in recent memory. (Last year, Minnesota drivers didn't even crack the top ten.)

On top of that, Quote Wizard says the "brutal" weather only makes matters worse. They cite blizzards and bad storms as a contributing factor to the spot on the list, as drivers struggle to navigate roads and highways when the weather is bad.

They also cite our famous "Minnesota Nice" attribute as a contributing reason. They say this makes Minnesotans passive-aggressive, shaky and indecisive behind the wheel. Because of this, drivers may also be slow to react.

Some other disturbing facts included in the study? Car-related deaths are on the rise, with a 14 percent increase in them nationwide since 2015. We are also driving more than in recent years, though.

No surprise here - distracted driving is also worse than ever before.

The study took accidents, speeding tickets, citations, DUI arrests and fatalities into consideration for each state. They also used data from the Federal Highway Administration.

Wisconsin fared much better. They came in at #23 on the list. Basically, they were in the middle so drivers there aren't amazing but they aren't bad either.

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