With deer hunting season about to begin for everyone across the Northland, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources wants to remind all hunters to register their deer within the required time frame.

According to the DNR, hunters should register deer before processing, before antlers are removed and within 48 hours after taking the animal.  Deer registration is crucial for the DNR to effectively manage deer populations.

Before registering a deer, hunters must validate their site tag. The validated tag must be attached to the deer when the deer is placed on a motor vehicle or an ATV, a vehicle or a trailer being towed by an ATV or brought into a camp, yard or other place of habitation.

For convenience, there are multiple ways to register your deer:

  • Phone registration.  Register deer via phone by calling 888-706-6367. Directions are printed on each deer hunting license. Have a pen or permanent marker ready. A confirmation number will be given; it must be written on the license and site tag
  • Online registration.  Just click this link to register your deer.  Again, a confirmation number must be written on the license and site tag.
  • In-person registration.  If the phone or online options aren't available, hunters must take their deer to a big-game registration station. The person whose name appears on the license must be present at the registration station with their deer. Click this link for a list of registration stations, which you can search by city or county.

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