Minnesota's 2020 firearm deer hunting season is upon us and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources wants hunters to be aware of fire risks throughout the state.

According to the DNR, some parts of the state, including the southwest and south-central regions, are under high fire danger.  This is due to the past week of very warm temperatures with low relative humidity.  The weekend forecast features winds that could help fan the flames of any escaped fire.

“It only takes one spark to turn hunting season into wildfire season,” said Casey McCoy, wildfire prevention supervisor. “Whether you’re around the campfire with family at deer camp or arriving to hunt at a state forest or wildlife management area, be careful with any heat source that can cause a spark.”

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To help avoid accidentally starting a wildfire, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources offers the the following tips to all hunters who are traveling and taking to the woods and grasslands:

  • Avoid driving over and parking on dry grass. Heat from a vehicle’s exhaust can easily ignite dry vegetation.
  • Be prepared to put out a fire. Keep a shovel and water in camp, and consider a small fire extinguisher for the field.
  • Never leave a campfire unattended. Keep the fire within a ring and clear all flammable materials within 5 feet of the fire. Before leaving, make sure the fire is completely out: drown with water, stir and repeat – until embers are cold.

In the immediate Duluth/Cloquet area, there is currently a 'Moderate' fire danger.  However, once you start to approach the Moose Lake/Willow River area that currently changes to a 'Very High' fire danger.

You click on the button below to see current fire dangers and burning restrictions across the state.

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