It's not everyday someone from Minnesota is featured on national television but that's just what happened Tuesday morning (April 9th). KARE 11 news reporter Jana Shortal was a featured guest on The TODAY Show.

The Minneapolis-based journalist has hosted her own nightly broadcast, Breaking The News, since the show's debut in 2016. From the start, she has bucked the norm for on-air journalists, trading in the standard heels, dresses and bob for her natural curls and personal style. 

She has made a name for herself as a hard-hitting and compassionate journalist but gained national attention in September of 2016 when a local columnist attacked her for her appearance, criticizing her choice in on-air wear and calling her choice in attire disrespectful to the victim and the family she was covering.

Since then, she's been a strong advocate for being yourself and accepting who you are. She shared this wisdom and more during The TODAY Show's third hour. It was part of their "Lessons Learned" segment. She was joined by Craig Melvin, Al Roker, Dylan Dreyer and Sheinelle Jones.

The interview begins by diving a bit deeper into Jana's story before asking her about what she's learned and how she continues to be a role model for others. You can catch the full interview here.

I think it's awesome that a reporter from Minnesota was featured on such a huge show and for such a cool reason. Keep killing it, Jana!

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