Train enthusiasts from around the region gathered in droves following the rail line between Minneapolis and Duluth, and congregating at Duluth's Historic Union Depot & Lake Superior Railroad Museum Saturday as the Milwaukee Road 261 steamed northward to the Twin Ports.

The train carried about 500 passengers from the Twin Cities to Duluth for a weekend trip led by a historical engine. Passengers will enjoy a night in Duluth before traveling back to the Twin Cities on Sunday, with plans to depart around noon.

The "261" is a 4-8-4 steam-powered engine owned and operated by a non-profit group called Friends of the 261. Built in 1944, this engine was one of the last steam-powered locomotives purchased by the Milwaukee Railroad, and was retired ten years later; replaced by modern diesel locomotives. The 261 was completely rebuilt in 1993, and since then has put on over 25,000 miles on various excursions for different historical groups, including the Friends of the 261.

See Photos of the Milwaukee Road Steam Engine No. 261 Traveling into Duluth