I have been reading many messages about facebook charging money for your privacy and people are seeing it on the news or reading it in the paper. I'm sorry if you did because they got the story wrong. Here is the right story.

This happened before, everyone says to paste a statement on your facebook page not allowing facebook to use your likeness or anything about you. There is also the claim that they will charge you for your privacy.

First of all, if they use your likeness in any way to make money off of you, you can sue them. Ask any lawyer, actor, or musician who has filed lawsuits against companies using their likeness or music.

Please do not believe everything you read or see on the internet. I am also seeing people post that they saw it on the news? or newspaper? Um, if you did, they got it wrong too.

Here's the proof below, I use snopes.com for everything because you never know what is real. Please check everything, including amber alerts.

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