Before she was the biggest pop star in the world, Taylor Swift was an up-and-coming country singer with a very a sparkly guitar (that I still want) and a head full of curls.

Back when I was a freshman in high school, Taylor had one song on the radio. It wasn't a huge hit quite yet. I heard her debut single, Tim McGraw, on the radio one time and it instantly became one of my favorite songs. It still is to this day.

A few months after the song's release, she did a meet and greet at Mall Of America. My two friends and I got up very early to ensure a spot in line. It turns out we didn't really need to. There weren't many people in line. Maybe 20, if I had to guess. The song was still very new and hadn't started to take off quite yet.

We were some of the first ones to meet her. She was very tall and so sweet.  Her mom was taking pictures of everything and everyone and was so excited to be there and meet all of her daughter's fans.

My favorite thing to look back on now is all the people who would walk by and ask who she was. This happened the entire meet and greet. If only they knew then what they know now.

Flash forward: she has won just about every award under the sun and then some. She has graced the cover of every magazine. She's smashed records. She's sold millions of albums and more.

I will admit, I miss the country Taylor. I wish she would return to the genre completely. My fingers are crossed. She gave me a bit of hope when she released her new song "New Years Day" to country radio. You can watch her perform it on Jimmy Fallon below.

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