Minnesota residents are used to the brutal cold, especially in the Duluth area. Imagine moving here without having to deal with the cold before! That would be quite the shock.

That's exactly what happened to Jeffrey XU, an engineer who moved here for work from China. Xu says he couldn't deal with the frigid cold (we all know this is putting it nicely), especially while sitting in his car waiting for it to warm up. This led him to the idea of "Pants on Pants" - a snowpant creation meant to easily fit over your pants that takes just seconds to put on and take off again.

Xu was nice enough to stop by the station and bring his pants creation. He also chatted with me for a bit about how the idea came to be. I also decided at one point that it would be a good idea to try as many pairs of the pants on as possible. (Hilarity ensues!)

If you want to learn more or buy a pair for yourself, you can get more information here.

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