If you were at the inaugural Superior Watercross Shootout last year, you may remember Autumn Pendegayosh.  Not only for her athletic racing ability, but for her talent as a singer.  She did an amazing job with our National Anthem at the start of our event.  Autumn is pictured above on the right, in the Winner's Circle after taking first place in the 600 Drag Class.  She is a dynamic individual and the youngest female racer in the IWA circuit.  Autumn (#313) hails from the town of Nevis, MN and races a 2003 Ski Doo MXZ 600 Rev.  To add to the excitement of winning the 600 Drag Class, is the fact that last year was her FIRST year racing!  Congrats Autumn!!

We had the chance to find out more about Autumn, these are her answers to some of the most popular questions her fans want to know.


5 Questions with Autumn Pendegayosh #33

Why do you love watercross? I love watercross because it’s not a sport you see every day and it gives me a rush that I can’t get anywhere else. It gives me a chance to be who I really am.

What is your favorite racing moment? My favorite moment has to be when I won the Superior finals race for 600 Drags. It’s my favorite not only because I won, but also because it was the first race in Superior. It was so fun.

What is your favorite thing to do when not racing watercross? Other than watercross I love figure skating. Along with watercross, this summer I will be taking private skating lessons in Bemidji.

Seeing as we are radio stations we have to know…what is your favorite song? That’s a tough question. It’s a three way tie between Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, Dance With Me Tonight by Olly Murs, and Elements by Lindsey Stirling.

And most importantly, who is going to win the Benna Ford Roush Superior Watercross Shootout this year? I really think that I have a good chance in winning the 600 drag class again and taking home the gold!

We don't doubt that, Autumn!  Make it a point to come cheer Autumn on in her quest to keep her title and make her way to the Winner's Circle at the Benna Ford Roush Superior Watercross Shootout 2014!

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