Saturday night my family and I piled into my truck to drive around and look at Christmas lights.  My wife had heard that a place on Park Point was going to be featured on ABC's "The Great Christmas Light Fight."   So we went ahead and fought through the traffic downtown and made it to park point.   It was definitely worth it.  What a wonderful place!

Heading down Park Point, it's nearly all the way to the park at the end.  You can see the lights from several blocks away, and cars were lined up along the street.   I wasn't aware that it was a walk through attraction, so that was a pleasant surprise.   We walked through the lighted walkway arches, and gazed at the spectacular lights all around.   It was amazing.   The highlight for me was the lighted walkway down to the sandy park point beach, with LED lights glowing on the crashing waves of Lake Superior.   That was really special.

We walked back up into the yard and sat around the fire pit to warm up for a few minutes.  It was really special with the canopy of lights above us.  We then went into the guest house for some warm cider and cookies.   And guess who was in there?  Santa Claus!

The kids both sat on Santa's lap without having to wait in a long line.  We signed the guest book and I made sure to put some money in the donation jar, because this was such a special find, and definitely worth money to see.

Look for it Monday night on ABC.