This last weekend was the Minnesota Bigfoot Conference in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Speakers and Bigfoot experts talked about the mysterious cryptid that has been allegedly sighted many times in the woods of Northern Minnesota.

The Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team was there as well and posted some videos. I looked them up and found a YouTube video where they went on a hike this last summer and one of the people in the group was hit by a rock thrown from the woods. There were also some possible sightings.

Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team YouTube
Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team YouTube

The group started off their hike during Remer Bigfoot Days. It took place on July 8, 2023. They began doing wood knocks to see if they could get a response from a sasquatch. They heard some noise down by a bridge so they went down to investigate. They didn't find anything.

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However, two people still up by the road saw something in the woods in the distance. They couldn't identify it, but one man claimed it was walking, crouched down, and then stood up and took off. It was large and covered with hair.

Then, another man identified as Clint in this video was struck by a rock. Another member witnessed the rock hitting Clint in the side of the head. The rock was thrown hard enough that it took Clint down to the ground. He says it ripped a hole in his mosquito net. There also was a grunt accompanied by the throw.

Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team YouTube
Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team YouTube

They took the rock and said they were going to analyze it for any skin cells for evidence.

Clint was dizzy and lightheaded following the rock being thrown. Who threw the rock? That's not a normal behavior for any animal in Northern Minnesota. It also was thrown with enough force that something large must have been behind it.

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A lot of bigfoot sightings include rocks being thrown. Here's a video of a guy fishing in Tennessee and he caught rocks being thrown into the lake on video.

So what do you think? Could it be a squatch? What else would be throwing rocks at someone? Could it be someone playing a trick on these researchers? You would think it would be pretty easy to spot someone throwing rocks.

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