Luke Combs is about to cause all of us to lose a ton of sleep because he took to his social media pages Wednesday night and threw the entire country music world into a frenzy.

Why? Because he posted a message with two simple words followed by a separate message linking to his website. His website has a formal countdown down to the second.

Check out the cryptic message below:

UGH! What does this mean? New music? A new tour? There are so many possibilities.

The country star did play a ton of new tunes when he played AMSOIL Arena in early April so my guess is on new music. That fact that he is sending people to his website also points to a big single announcement. By the way, his latest single Beautiful Crazy, was incredibly successful and there hasn't been word on releasing another tune off his debut record.

He probably isn't announcing a new tour, considering he just extended his current one (which includes a stop at the Xcel Energy Center!)

My bet is on new music but it looks like we have to sit and wait it out a bit until we will know for sure. Grrrrrrrrr!

Either way, it seems he enjoyed his time in Duluth so let's hope whatever the new announcement is it brings him back to the Northland soon!

By the way - I will keep on this news and report back!

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