What a crappy situation. Can you imagine losing your wedding ring down the toilet? Or, perhaps it fell down a sewer drain. Either way, someone lost a valuable wedding ring and the Wisconsin Village is looking for its owner. The comments on social media don't disappoint.

Have you ever heard of Boyceville, Wisconsin? I actually have, because a college friend grew up there. I've even been to the Boyceville Pickle Fest. Yeah, they have a whole weekend celebrating pickles.

It was a great time, especially if you're a pickle fanatic like myself.

Anyway, back to the story. Boyceville is located in Dunn County, Wisconsin.

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google maps

The wedding ring was found in the sewer system by the public works department. They posted a message to Facebook saying that if someone can describe the ring, they'll help get it back to them.

Of course, you don't want just anyone to claim it. Fortunately, there is a specific inscription inside the ring band. So the owner should know what it says.

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Now, for the fun part. They said they "cleaned it up real good!" Hopefully, they got the sewer smell out of it.

Some people's comments were downright hilarious. They range from, "That finger is not supposed to go there..." to "The marriage is in the crapper. Love it.

If you think it might be your ring or someone you know, give the Village of Boyceville a call at 715-643-2351.

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