We were told that we had a pretty good chance at viewing the dancing Northern Lights in the Northland.  There were to be very active last evening into the early hours this morning. One local photographer, Tim Mlodozyniec caught the phenomenon beautifully and gave me permission to share with those that may have still been snuggling in bed.

Tim and his family have lived in the Northland for awhile and he has had the opportunity to take advantage of our picturesque amenities.   Wildlife, scenery and all the beauty that Lake Superior offers.  One of his shots of a ship seemingly floating in a fog bed while the sun rises in behind it just won him top honors with Good Morning America #Duluth photo.

After winning, Tim responded on facebook "Thank you all for voting and making this happen! I appreciate all the support I received during this contest. It's quite an honor and very humbling to receive such support from an entire community! Just one more reason why Duluth is the best place to be! ‪#‎Duluth‬!"

Here are other shots of the Northern Lights that Tim took last night:

Photo Credit: Tim Mlodozyniec

Tim, please keep sharing your photos with us, we appreciate your time and talent!