Little Big Town have seen great success with their newest hit, 'Tornado,' and it seems to be especially resonating with the ladies, which the foursome is excited about.

The Grammy winners think it's high time a song lets women storm around a little. “Women like to beat their chest a little bit and put a man in their place every now and then," Kimberly Schlapman says (quote via GAC). It’s good for a woman."

During their performances, when 'Tornado' begins hitting the ears of the fans, it creates a wave of emotion and female pride, according to Phillip Sweet. “I see several women in the audience out there stomping their feet and putting their fists in the air," he reveals. "It’s like their power anthem.”

When Karen Fairchild sings the powerful tune, she tries to sing with a specific person in mind, and it changes every time she takes the stage. “I use a different motivation every night,” she explains. “I just like to get up there and think about somebody who doesn’t want to take anyone’s BS anymore.” During LBT's recent performance on David Letterman, her tactic certainly worked, as they blew the crowd away with a terrific performance.

As the group -- who've been together since 1998 -- look toward the future, it only looks bright (and not stormy!) You can catch Little Big Town and their tornado on their upcoming tour with fan-favorite Keith Urban this summer.

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