According to Adam Lorch at the Northland's NewsCenter, today is a great beach day.  However, which beach you go to is important because there are several under a No Water Contact Recommendation in Dululth.

There are actually four on the list at this point that have been deemed "unsafe" due to elevated levels of the E. coli bacteria.  According to the, samples were taken on Monday and there was a presence of fecal contamination.

As of Wednesday Morning the following beaches are still on the list to avoid:

  • East Duluth: 42nd Ave E
  • East Duluth: Lakewalk E/16th Ave E
  • Duluth - Park Pt: Beach House
  • Duluth - Park Pt: Sky Harbor Parking Lot

They are asking that anyone that becomes ill after having contact with beach water, please call the MN Dept of Health at 1.877.366.3455.