Lee Brice's new single "Soul" isn't a reinvention. It might even amount to a simple vacation from the more urgent, emotional style he's made his signature for a decade — but everyone needs a vacation.

The singer has tilted left before with great success. "A Woman Like You" was a lighter vocal for him, and it became his first No. 1 hit — the first of three straight. "Drinking Class" was a Springsteen-esque stomper that elevated his live show. With "Soul," he recalls Sam Hunt's light and mellifluous patter, but adds his own old school stamp with a Motown-esque group of backing singers.

This track bounces along to a sweet melody and sexy sentiment — any description may be a lot of wasted words, because the only thing that's going to determine how you feel about it comes at the end of the pre-chorus.

"Soul" is the "toeses" song. Tony Ferrari and Kevin Kadish came up with that rhyme to match "Moses," "closes" and "roses." Word invention is as welcome to the old school country fan as drum loops, but it's these kinds of things that can elevate a star to new heights. If you keep it "country," then that's all you'll ever be.

At 42, with a legacy secure, Brice may be wanting more. Think of "Soul" as his home run swing.

Did You Know?: Lee Brice is riding a streak of four straight No. 1 songs.

Lee Brice's "Soul" Lyrics:

Your body's got me weak / You're Mozart in the sheets / You make a sinner out of me / I'm gonna need a priest / And I'll be singing Holy mother of Moses / I just wanna buy you roses / Open every door that closes / And kiss you from your head to your toeses.

I like your soul, baby / You've got that heart made of gold, baby / I'm gonna love you 'til I'm old, baby / I just wanna be your baby / I like your soul, I like your soul / I like your soul, I like your soul.

Don't need to be undressing / To feel like you're impressing / Must have died and gone to heaven / Go on and take me to confession / Yeah, you'vе got me singing Holy mother of Moses / I just wanna buy you roses / Open every door that closes / And kiss you from your head to your toeses.

Repeat Chorus

Just so you know, just so you know / I like your soul, baby.

Repeat Chorus

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