Dustin Lynch has a big hit on his hands with his latest single "Seein' Red" and they decided to go with a basic concept for the video.

The official video features Dustin singing in front of a screen showing him and a beautiful women engaging in some kissing and caressing while surrounded by the color red.  Something tells me Dustin had a lot more fun filming that part of the video than the singing part.

Dustin Lynch has the best teeth in country music.  In fact, I think his teeth will actually be the star of an upcoming season of 'The Bachelor', so they of course are prominently displayed throughout the video as well.

The song itself has a lot going on with guitar, tempo and strong vocals, so a more stripped down approach works for the video.

Enjoy the video and listen for "Seein' Red" on B105.

**On a side note, while listening to Dustin's song I kept thinking I'd heard it awhile ago.  Then it hit me, the chorus sounds a lot like the Taylor Swift hit "Style".   Check out her video and tell me if you agree.

To me, the chorus sounds a lot like this Taylor swift hit.

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