This story is dog-gone hilarious. Police in Lakeville, Minnesota were sent to a home a few days ago after receiving more than a dozen 911 calls from the location. The culprit? Two dogs.

The Lakeville Police Department let residents in on the joke via their Twitter account, making light of the situation and writing:

You can't deny this is hilarious.

Here's what happened: after receiving a ton of calls from the home, officers went to assess the situation. When they got there, they saw two dogs inside and that was about it.

According to Fox 9 News, who covered the story, the police learned of a few more 911 calls while they were at the home. All that could be heard on the line was dogs barking.

Still - how in the world did these two dogs dial the phone? Apparently, the homeowner left his phone on the desk in his office when he left the house. It was on "emergency call only" mode which lead officers to believe the dogs pushed the phone with their paw and it dialed 911.

News reports say police were able to get ahold of the garage code, find the phone and turn it off. Ha! There were 16 accidental 911 calls in total. That's just ruff.

Lakeville has been home to some interesting criminals recently. In mid-January, Lakeville PD asked for the public's help identifying a bank robber who forgot to cover his face. Oops!

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