Kirk Cousins posted a tweet Monday, February 18, that lead to an attack by Minnesota Vikings fans, which ultimately led to a perfect, funny recap by Cousins himself.

Monday night, Kirk posted the following tweet while vacationing in Miami:

Many Vikings fans took that as a backhanded slap towards Minnesota and they, along with the usual trolls who pounce on such things, took him to task with tweets like these:

Needless to say there were a lot of replies to Kirk Cousins, many of which I can't even share.  While I don't think Kirk's tweet was a huge deal, the response was totally predictable based on the how the Vikings finished the season and he probably should've thought it through a bit more before posting it.

To his credit, he didn't try to hide or delete the tweet.  He followed the responses and rather than make excuses or post some lame apology, he posted the perfect, funny recap:

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