Haven't heard of King Calaway? You will soon.

The new band is country through and through. The team is made up of six members from all over the world, all of them instrumentalists with a passion for country music.

The up-and-comers snagged the opening slot for night one of Garth Brooks' two-night stay at U.S. Bank Stadium earlier this month. He held a press conference before the first show and introduced us to them so we could get to know them a little better.

They were kind enough to sit down with me to answer a few of my burning questions.

Of course, I asked about what it was like to get a phone call asking you to open a stadium for the king of country music. We also talk about their different roots, their first single and Minnesota!

I also learned that one of the six members is from right here in Minnesota. He gave a special shout out to the UMD Bulldogs, too!

Check out our full interview below:

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