It was this week back in 1952 that a bizarre, scary event took place out in the hills of West Virginia. I thought it was fitting that we brought this story up during our weird news segment this week and shed some light on an event that is now considered West Virginia Folklore. So, here's what happened.

According to multiple sources including, Back in 1952 some kids were playing outside when they noticed a bright red light fly across the sky and then crashed into the woods. They went indoors and got their mom (Kathleen May) who brought a flashlight out to investigate what happened accompanied by the kids and a National Guardsmen Eugene Lemon. Lemon's dog had ran ahead and when it reached the crash site it came running back with it's tail between it's legs, scared.

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When the group reached the crash area at the top of the hill they saw a large pulsating glowing orb. A strange smell and mist was in the air that caused respiratory symptoms in the witnesses. They noticed over in the other direction was a pair of small red eyes, so Lemon shined his flashlight in that direction. That's when they saw the Flatwoods Monster. It appeared to have an oval like hood, red eyes, long thin arms with claws, and the lower half seemed to be almost like a dress. According to the witnesses, the entity made a shrill noise and then glided across the ground at them before changing direction and heading off to the woods. The group panicked and left the area. They notified the sheriff who went out and investigated. The Sheriff didn't see the entity, but did notice the crash area and terrible smell.

Freaky, right? There's more to the story. Other people witnessed it as well in the area including motorists who's car died on the road. They too expereienced a nauseating smell so bad that the driver, George Snitowsky got out of the car and looked for what it could be. Then he saw an orb glowing down the road and moving back and forth hovering over the road. He tried to get closer but became sick and staggered back to the car. Once he got in the car they locked it and saw an entity described just like the Flatwoods monster glide across the highway and put its arms across the windshield of the car, before it eventually left. Whatever it was left a brown V burned on the hood of their car.

Some people say it's all a made up hoax, but if you read into it you can see that these witnesses were terrified. Was it some type of mechanical machine? Was it a small craft being piloted by something? What was the smell all about? There are so many questions with this monster. Most recently the story was told on History Channel's 'Project Bluebook.' It even has it's own Wikipedia page. So go ahead, read more about it and join me in the rabbit hole.

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