Each Tuesday at 7:40am, Lauren and I bring some strange news to you in a segment we call "Ken's Conspiracy Corner." Topics range from UFOs, to big foot sightings, to actual conspiracy theories and more. This week we're talking about this strange object that fell from the sky in India.

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It's a hard shiny object that looks like a meteorite perhaps. It weighed 2.7 kilograms, which is about 6 pounds. It impacted the ground in Rajasthan, India. It made a 1 foot crater in the ground, and actually made an explosive noise loud enough that people heard it up to 2 kilometres away. Some people said that it sounded like an airplane crashing, according to India.com. Some people even rushed to the local police station out of fear. People who lived near by discovered the object and called authorities. Apparently, the thing was emitting heat, which would make sense if it entered our atmosphere.

Most objects from space burn up in our atmosphere when they enter because of the intense friction, but this may have been big enough that some of it still made it through. The properties of the meteorite may have something to do with it as well. Scientists and geologists at Geographical Survey of India’s Ahmedabad and Jaipur office are studying the object to see what else they can find out about it.

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