60 Minutes went in depth about the Jeffrey Epstein 'Suicide' and brought up some pretty staggering points to consider. They talked with experts and analyzed graphic autopsy photos and some things sure don't add up.

The New York City Medical Examiner ruled his death as a suicide. But, another doctor was there for the autopsy on behalf of Epstein's family, and he says the fractures on the neck don't add up to a suicide. Instead, he says they look more like murder.

Dr. Michael Baden said the fracture locations are nothing like he's ever seen with a suicide in his career.  There were three fractures, and that's usually not the case or the right location according to the doctor.

Also some other details have emerged. Epstein was transferring money into other inmates accounts for protection, because he feared he was going to be killed.

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Before his actual death, he was found injured after what the jail described a "failed suicide attempt." Epstein said his cell mate attacked him, trying to kill him. After that he was put on suicide watch.

He was supposed to have an assigned cell mate. Shortly before he died, his cellmate was transferred. The guards falsified prison records and didn't check on him for 8 hours. That's when he was murdered.

I think we can say that Epstein was murdered. People were paid off or threatened by powerful people who didn't want the truth to get out.

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