Keith Urban can still make his wife blush.

The country guitar god, who was the star of Spotify’s Fan First event in Nashville Monday night (April 23), entertained a small crowd for the private show. His wife, star actress Nicole Kidman, was also in attendance.

The crowd was none the wiser until Urban — in the middle of his stripped-down set — pointed Kidman out in the audience. Kidman acted shy and hid for a moment, then finally just raised her hand high in the air in "fine, that’s me" fashion.

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As if her cheeks weren’t turning rosy enough, Urban then invited his wife to come onstage with him to sing his recent romantic release "Parallel Line." Hesitant at first, Kidman finally gave in to the cheer of the crowd who wanted her to grace the stage with her country music hubby. Kidman slowly walked to the stage and sat down in front of the microphone but kept a fair distance as Urban led the vocal charge.

It was a cute moment for the couple who continually sang the chorus of “Take a little bit of my / Heart tonight / No, I literally don't mind / Just please don't misplace it / Take a little bit of my / Heart tonight / No, baby be mine now / Baby, be mine now / Maybe it’s time we put our hearts in a parallel line.”

Kidman put her head in her hands with an embarrassed smile near the end of the song, and Urban shouted “You did it though!” to the approval of the crowd. It was a highlight of the night, which was a Spotify-focused event to promote Urban’s new album, Graffiti U, which drops on Friday, April 27.

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