We've been getting rain and a our first thunderstorm is predicted, we need to start thinking about where all that sand that was put on our slippery roads will end up.  We need to try to keep it out of our storm drains and thus out of our streams and Lake Superior. The City of Duluth knows that there is a cleaning process ahead, but with your help a lot of additional work can be avoided and lots of debris can be diverted.   Here is a list of road sand collection sites you can use.

Catch basins from our storm drains lead directly to our streams and Lake Superior, not to the waste water treatment plant.  You are asked to refrain from dumping anything into them.

They are asking residents to dispose of the excess road salt and sand you sweep from your sidewalks, curbs and boulevards at one of the Road Sand Collection Sites they have available around the city.

Look for the large, green roll-off dumpsters that will be clearly marked.  All Duluth residents can use this process but are asked to refrain from disposing of yard waste, leaves, grass clippings and brush.  Those items need to be brought to the WLSSD yard waste site.

Sites are located at the following locations:

  • Chester Bowl (near the playground)
  • Duluth Heights Community Club Parking Lot
  • Piedmont Community Center
  • Wheeler Field (in the back)

For more info you can call Chris Kleist the Program Coordinator at 218.355.0598.