It's fire season and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources warns everyone that under no circumstances should a drone be flown in or around a wildfire.

Even though flying a drone around a wildfire may seem tempting in order to get a great photo or video, it can actually interfere with the ability to put out the fire.  This is because drones fly at roughly the same altitude as wildfire suppression aircraft.

Even the smallest drones can cause a fire-fighting helicopter to crash if they make contact with one another.  Last year, DNR pilots had to land firefighting helicopters in Little Falls because a drone was buzzing overhead.

The Minnesota DNR also says that flying a drone over a wildfire isn’t just dangerous, it’s illegal: Federal law prohibits interfering with firefighting operations, and that includes flying a drone over a wildfire.  Flight restrictions may extend over a 5-mile radius of a wildfire.

Wildfires happen and when they do, putting them out as quickly as possible is top priority.  So, make sure to keep your drones away.

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