This last weekend I tried a new game that one of my friends received for their birthday. It's called KanJam, and it's a game that involves throwing a disc into a can. Sounds pretty simple, but with a few twists it actually makes a really fun game.

The only downside of this game that I found was we didn't always have 4 people ready to play. You need a partner, and you rely pretty heavily on them to hold up their end.

Here's a quick run down.  Your partner is across from you and you throw the frisbee at the can. If you can make it in the tiny slot, the game is over and you won. If you can hit the can without your teammate flicking it in it's worth two points. If they tip it or smack it and it hits the can, it's one point. If they can slap the disc down to go inside the can, it's 3 points. You play until one team gets to 21 points without going over.

It may seem a bit complicated but it really is easy to catch on and it's a lot of fun.

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