It takes a lot of energy to put on an awesome live performance. With that in mind, you would think that Justin Moore carves time into his hectic touring schedule to work out and keep his lungs and muscles in shape. How else can he keep his energy levels up enough to rock out on stage? That part remains a mystery to us, because the ‘Small Town, U.S.A.’ singer is the first to admit that he hates to exercise.

“I wish that I was one of those guys that worked out religiously,” he says (quote via Valory Music). “I’m terrible. I think I did so much of it through sports in high school that I just absolutely hated it when I got out.”

Moore admitted that he needs to become more devoted to exercise, but he just can’t seem to stick with a regular workout regimen. “I’ll get on a kick where I work out for two months and then I won’t work out for a year, so I’m pretty terrible about that aspect of the road,” he also admitted.

Even though Justin doesn’t hit the gym on the regular, he does make a habit of eating healthy, or at least keeping his portion sizes in check. It’s a good thing, too, because his latest single, ‘Til My Last Day,’ is working its way up the charts. He’ll need to keep his physique in check and his energy levels up so we can see one of his vivacious live performances soon.

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