Being summoned for jury duty is something that happens to us all but it happens to some more than others! If you haven't had to take part in jury duty ever, you may fall for a new scam that is going around.

Every day there seems to be a new scam. Recently, I learned of a scam from the Savage Police Department regarding tickets to see the Minnesota Vikings. Scammers are selling fake tickets to those eager to see a game.

There are even scammers hacking residents of a small town in Wisconsin. Scammers in Fennimore are posing as USPS and sending out fake messages to people in the area, saying a package tried to be delivered but failed and if they want the package, they will have to pay.

Because everything is virtual or over the phone these days, I would probably look at something like that and possibly think it was true. It is hard to keep up with everything these days!

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I saw news of another scam going around on Facebook and it has to do with jury duty. Like I said, if you have never been summoned for jury duty or it has been awhile, you may not be familiar with how things work and fall for it.

This scam was reported by the Chaska Police Department. Given that Chaska is a few hour drive from the Twin Ports, it is entirely possible that this scam could happen here as well. According to the Chaska Police Department, the scammers begin by calling people in the area.

The scammers aren't messing around when it comes to the fee, either. One resident who fell for the scam sent the scammer $2,500 bucks using a mobile app. Obviously, there is no way to get the money back or find the scammer.

The scam was first reported in early December, which means it is likely still out there circulating. While we can't keep track of each and every scam going on in the state, never give someone money until you can confirm it is a legitimate organization.

In this case, hang up. If you were summoned for jury duty, you would know it! They reach out to you via mail and no government agency will ask for money over the phone like that. Always be cautious in situations like this. With the holiday season upon us, I have a feeling this is one of many for the near future.

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