In 2009, Josh Thompson's debut single, "Beer on the Table," became a Top 20 country hit, and made him one to watch in the genre. So where was he when he heard that first hit record on the radio? Below, Thompson remembers that moment.

I was in the car on Highway 5 between Portland and Seattle, Wash. It was in the afternoon. I was with two of my record reps, and we were leaving one radio station and going to another. I was in the backseat, and the song came on. It was a little static-y, but I make them crank it up, and we jammed out to it.

This was in August '09. At first, I hit the eject button on the CD player. [I thought], "Really!? This is on the radio?!" I was shocked more than anything. I could not believe I was on country radio right now.

There's so many emotions that I went through, and I wanted to call people, but I didn't want to talk to anybody while the song was playing. It was a great afternoon. I think they stopped and got me a six-pack to celebrate. I waited for that moment my whole life. When it was released, I [thought], "Okay, at any point in time, I can hear it and it will be a big surprise." And it was!

This story was originally written by Pat Gallagher, and revised by Angela Stefano.

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