There seems to be a day for EVERYTHING these days. February 15th may be known to some as the day you head to the grocery store to get discount candy OR Singles Awareness Day. (Yes, really!)

For those living in Wisconsin, rejoice! This a day dedicated to you and your beautiful state.

It turns out, country stars are also a fan of The Badger State. Wisconsin is nearly always a stop for big tours, no matter the city. Several musicians have even shown the Midwest favorite some love in the form of lyrics.

Let's walk down memory lane at some of the best. While you're at it, why not do the Wisconsin Waltz (the state's official dance) to one of them?

  • 1

    Brad Paisley, Alcohol

    Who could forget this hilarious tune? It's one of Paisley's older hits but it definitely still stands the test of time. There isn't anyone who doesn't love singing along to the opening line of the chorus. He croons "since the day I left Milkwaukee" and it's such an iconic song, Wisconsinites should feel honored.

  • 2

    Craig Morgan, Summer Sundown

    More Milwaukee love! On this tune about reflecting on a summer he had awhile back, he gives a shout to Old Milwaukee's Best. This is in reference to a beer but it's still fun to have him name Wisconsin at all. Even more, it's a nice, nostalgic tune made better with an homage to The Badger State.

  • 3

    Josh Thompson, A Name In This Town

    Released in 2010, this throwback is country gold. It doesn't mention Wisconsin by name but it's basically a love letter to it - the country way. Thompson grew up in Cedarburg and sings about all the memories made growing up there, like driving down County Road 509 and a judge who wouldn't let that speeding ticket go. It's those things that made him who he is today. That's a lot of Wisconsin love.

  • 4

    Chris Young, Beer Or Gasoline

    A country song about beer?! This isn't a groundbreaking concept but everything is a little better when Young sings it. He isn't nostalgic or sentimental here. Instead, he's at a liquor store making his choice. One of the possibilities? A Milwaukee brew. Wisconsin has never sounded so sweet.

  • 5

    Kip Moore, Lipstick

    Moore is used to traveling and being out on the road. Here he compares all the sights he gets to see while doing so to the spot where his lover is. This time around, it was a "Green Bay blizzard" that caught his attention. In the end, none of these experiences are better than being in the spot where his true love is and in this case, we can't blame him.

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