The lyrics of Jon Pardi's “Out of Style” are meta: It's a song about writing a song, written by three talented Nashville songwriters. Jeff Hyde, the Cadillac Three's Neil Mason and Lynn Hutton teamed up for the song, which Pardi recorded for his sophomore album, California Sunrise

Below, Hyde tells The Boot how "Out of Style" came to be.

Me and Neil [Mason] — I knew Neil from being on the road, [as part of Eric Church's band, with] the Cadillac Three — and Lynn Hutton, we’ve written a lot of songs together through the years ...

We had a write coming up, and I didn’t want to come in there empty-handed. A lot of times, you don’t want to come in empty-handed, but you don’t have a choice, because you just can’t come up with a great idea. But this particular day, I came up with a chunk of that [first verse] when I was in the shower. Sometimes that’s where they come to me, I don’t know why.

"When I first got to Nashville town / They called me and sat me down / Told me all the ins and outs of writing songs / Said, 'Write about things you know about / And anything you don’t know about / You'll know about before too long'" -- that’s basically stating you’ve got to write about what you know, but you’ve got to write about things you don’t know, too. Nobody knows everything; if you just write about what you know, pretty sure, all your songs are going to sound the same.

I had that piece when we went in on that song, and they liked it, and Neil’s good — He can sit down and build a track just like building a sandwich; it’s nothing for him. He did something cool, and Lynn had some good ideas.

I think that was one of those things that, we didn’t know what the hook of the song was going to be, but we thought it was a cool story. Sometimes, if you just write line by line and see where it ends up, and you don’t have a hook in mind, you don’t know what the hook at the end of the chorus is going to be until you get there.

Lynn came up with that hook: “Some things don’t go out of style.” It was a group effort that day.

We thought we had something pretty cool, and Jon liked it. The rest is history, as they say.

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