I was coming home from the Carlton VFW last night listening to B105 and Jason Aldean's song, Any Ol' Barstool came on.  As I was listening to the lyrics I started to think about where my barstool would be in the Northland.  Where have I gone when I was feeling depressed, was in need of cheering up, laughter with friends, a pick me up.  We all have our favorite places.  Where's your go to barstools?

In the lyric's to Jason Aldean's latest song it says: But I ain’t sittin’ ‘round, Tryin’ to drown the thought of you, Ask any ol’ barstool.  It indicates that while he is trying to get over a break-up, he's out at bars drinking the memories of her away.  If only those ol'  barstools could talk.

I've been married for quite some time and not in need of drowning that kind of memory, but if I'm experiencing emotions and need a drink, my go to barstools could be found at T-Bonz, B-Dubs, the Wabegon or where I was last night, the Carlton VFW.   I know I can always see a friendly face or strike up a conversation there that'll have me laughing in no time.  So, where is your go to barstools?

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