Jason Aldean set his song "Drink One for Me" to photos of the 13 men and women of the U.S. military who were killed in Afghanistan last month (Aug. 26). The 11 Marines, one Navy medic and one Army Staff Sgt. ranged in age from 20 to 31 years old.

Find "Drink One for Me" on Aldean's Night Train album from 2012. The song lyrics are not specifically a military tribute, but they can certainly be applied to the story of a soldier heading into combat duty.

"I can’t count the miles / It just feels so far / And it could be awhile / ’Til I’m where you are / So keep me in your heart," he sings during the second verse. The mid-tempo song is not one Aldean has often played live. It's certainly appropriate here, however, with each of the 13 killed getting time on-screen in front of Aldean's large Instagram audience.

"Coming from a Military family, it’s been tough to find the words to express how I feel for what’s happened in Afghanistan," he writes. "It’s heartbreaking and unforgivable. We appreciate your service and thank you all for your sacrifice."

This is not the first time Aldean has referred to his family's military record. Last November, he posted a photo of the American flag for Veterans Day, adding this his father, grandfather and other family members served in one of the branches of the military.

"I don't now, and will never support any person or organization that threatens to take that away from us," he wrote.

Last week, Brantley Gilbert also shared a song in honor of those killed in an attack on the airport in Kabul. "13 brave American heroes made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom this week," he wrote. "In hard times like this, I always find myself turning to music. I wrote this song a while back as a tribute to all of the folks we’ve lost, both overseas and in our own communities here at home."

Gilbert's song is called "Gone But Not Forgotten."

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